We believe in the not-too-distant future your home will know if it should save power by turning off the lights and lowering the heat because you are away on a business trip. We believe that your cars engine will start to warm up for you as soon as your thumb touches the handle on your front door. We believe you and your family will be protected from danger with smarter smoke detectors powering a more responsive fire department and providing a wealth of air quality data to more informed parents. But most importantly: we believe our ideas about what might happen pale in comparison to the explosion of creativity and genius that the product design and development community will unleash.

2014 - The Birth of AT&T M2X

In 2014 TheoremOne partnered with AT&T and worked to build the foundation for our vision of the future - a vision that we share with the engineering community at large called the “Internet-of-Things” (IoT.) This foundation would enable tens of thousands of developers to connect 17 million devices that are spread across the world; and this foundation took the form of an web-based IoT platform called AT&T M2X backed by a powerful API.

During 2014 AT&T M2X enabled startup hardware makers like Birdi to compete with entrenched goliath like Nest. Over the course of the year dozens of developer events and hackathons were held and sparked innovative products like RescueRoute. At the beginning of 2014 AT&T M2X was an idea, a backlog of features, a few designs and a few lines of code. After a year of hard work AT&T M2X became a powerhouse player in the IoT space with enterprise grade reliability, throughput, and quality. Everyone who worked hard to make AT&T M2X happen could look back on it and smile, knowing it was a job well done.

But we will not stop there

That was last year, and a new year is upon us. We have finished our holiday eggnog and we are ready to change the IoT space in 2015.

TheoremOne and AT&T are proud to announce the brand new AT&T M2X platform - deployed to production January 5th, 2015. The revamped AT&T M2X was released just in time for you to update your New Years resolution to “make the world a better place [with smarter devices!]” The new AT&T M2X boasts a completely new perspective on devices, streams, usability, API communication, and more. How did we come up with all these new changes you ask? Quite simply: we asked you, and you answered.

Each of the developers who signed up, at each of the hackathons, everyone who shared their most important needs and thoughtful feedback with us provided the information to drive the AT&T M2X product to the next level. Countless customer interviews, usability tests, and feedback created a well-informed AT&T M2X product that meets the needs of the IoT developer ecosystem even better than before. After a year of great progress, wonderful feedback, and hard work we are proud to deliver the new AT&T M2X platform complete with these features:

A simple, elegant, and intuitive developer portal

At TheoremOne our entire team believes focusing on elegant and simple solutions produces quality results. It is our mantra strewn across our web site and integrated into every piece of code we write and PSD we make. We have doubled down on elegance and simplicity for the AT&T M2X interface to make it more intuitive for first timers and more powerful for seasoned veterans. Major changes include:

  • A revamped and Intuitive device-based navigation system Revamped Devices

  • Improved graphing and charting easily readable by humans, their devices, and their apps Live Datastreams

  • Geolocation aware devices with waypoint history and mapping Geolocation Aware

In addition to hundreds of other UX and platform improvements.

Support for every language

AT&T M2X is already language-agnostic, allowing you to use the API using any language you please. But we really like developers, so we thought we would make it as easy as possible for them to use the platform. The new AT&T M2X incudes a wide array of tutorials and client libraries (open source) for many languges:

Support for everything

IoT hardware choices are just as vast so we’ve built and released tutorials and libraries for popular hardware, innovative hardware, and hardware manufactured by small and big players alike. You can find tutorials and client libraries for:

And much, much more

Large-scale performance, data security, community development, and many other areas have been improved. To learn more visit About AT&T M2X.

Bring it on, 2015!

We could not be prouder to start 2015 armed with our client libraries, M2X API, and powerful developer portal. We have never been more excited and well-poised to change the world of connected devices. But 2014 would not be complete without a special “thank you” to everyone who worked so hard to shape the Internet-of-Things, so “thank you” to everyone who joined M2X or who hackathon-ed. Thank you to our AT&T partners and TheoremOne co-workers. And most of all “thank you” to those of you joining the IoT movement in 2015 (and “welcome” to the M2X platform!)